APS design
Creative Studio

Design studio specialized in Product, Digital, Interactive Technologies and Artificial Intelligence for User Experience and connected products. Visual design, Graphics and Product Design with intelligent features to create unique experiences and innovative solutions.


Branding and website design for an architectural firm, Brazil. Florence, 2021


Website design, packaging, product image and product photo for a company in the packaging production sector, Florence. Florence, 2019-2020

Product Design

Product design with refined materials for the watch-jewelry sector, Italy. Florence, 2020

Interactive Design

Air purification device design. Insertion of interactive technologies controlled by gestures and graphic interface design. Florence, 2021

Web Design

Design di sito web e creazione contenuti per Boccadarno, Firenze. Firenze, 2020


Aps Design is a creative studio specializing in Digital, Product and innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and smart technologies. Design, development and consultancy for product design, graphics, advertising, web, internet of things. Study of the project, multidisciplinarity, research, methodology and innovation are the founding values ​​of Aps, to always achieve customer satisfaction and propose specific and customized solutions.

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Design Grafico

Brand Identity / Visual Identity / Naming and Logo Design / Advertising / Digital Identity / Visual Communication /

Web Design

Website creation / development and hosting / Web design / Responsive / Website design for every type of sector and clientele / UX design / app development / User Interface design / e-commerce /

Package Design

Creation / Design / research of shapes and materials / Label design / Label / Packaging restyling / Wine & Food packaging / Nutraceutical Packaging /

Design di Prodotto

Product concept / Product development / Smart products / Integrated interactive technologies / Aesthetic research / Product systems /

Interaction Design

Internet of Things / Artificial Intelligence / Digital Experience / Smart devices / Digital 3D animations / Usability /