APS design
Interaction Design

Interactive Wall Xperience

Interactive wall made of glass and tubular elements inserted inside a cavity formed by two glass surfaces. The tubulars integrate thousands of independent LEDs that react with the increase and decrease of lighting to the proximity of the visitor, moreover, they follow this as he moves along the wall itself. The main effect of this luminous interaction is to involve and emotionally connect the observer with the key concepts of the client brand, expressed by small luminous and dynamic LEDs. The meaning of this interactive installation is based on concepts of speed, performance and individuality.

  • Cliente: Studio Adepto Design
  • Progettazione, sviluppo e restituzione grafica: Studio Adepto Design
  • Cina, evento internazionale di automotive
  • 2019
  • Ruolo nel progetto: Interaction design, implementazione tecnologie interattive, UX