APS design

Color Blind App

Design of a mobile application that aims to a more inclusive approach, understanding color blind users and providing solutions to increase the accessibility of the app itself in the procedure of booking events’ s tickets. Adding more information in text form to prevent users to be lost or confused, in order to avoid mistakes in the purchase activity. From investigations and research of the app, some relevant issues have been highlighted. The ticket buying interface relies heavily on color as the sole source of information for availability and price of seats. For the colorblind, some of the colors used appear almost similar and, as a result, in a confusing environment. When visualizing the event layout, the rows and the seats are too small, and make it harder to determine the colors for target users. The map navigation is not friendly.

  • Art Direction & Supervision: Lorenzo Pofferi
  • Design and Development: Mai Nguyen
  • Year: 2021
  • Academic Thesis