Design of the GUI integrated in a device, an air purifier for contract-retail use. The product uses a patented filter technology which should be connected with innovative interactions and experience provided by the device itslef. The main aim of the decvice is to purify air within retail spaces, hospitality, meeting rooms and similar spaces. The design features that I have ideated to provide innovative and smart features within the product are based on the integration in the display of gesture sensors that will enable the users to control the main functions such as ‘’fan speed’’ with natural and intuitive gestures. The project has also considered the visual part of the GUI and how this can be understood by a wide cathegory of users and be in line with the physical identity of the device. Colors and icons used in the concept are based on contrasts to make functions more visible and intuitive, to be quickly operated. Furthermore, colors like light blue, green, purple are in line with trends in digital interfaces, that are today aiming to active and strong colors to communicate to users a new sense of rebirth, hope, activity and health.

  • Design, Ideation and development: Lorenzo Pofferi
  • Hardware design: Adepto Design
  • Year: 2021 - In progess

The color gets lighter when the hand gets closer to the device until the On button appears. Then the Dashboard automatically appears.

When the hand does the above gesture the screen gets instantly directed to the Fan Speed screen

Dashboard Screen other options